October Book Giveaway (“Precious Remedies”)

This month, courtesy of the Banner of Truth Trust, we are giving away another one of Thomas Brooks’ books.  “Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices” is the first book of his I read and perhaps his best known.  In the preface, Brooks says that the “strange opposition that I met with from Satan, in the study of the following discourse, hath put an edge upon my spirit, knowing that Satan strives mightily to keep these things from seeing the light that tend eminently to shake and break his kingdom of darkness, and to lift up the kingdom and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, in the souls and lives of teh children of men…”.  He covers the devices Satan uses to draw the soul to sin, to keep souls from religious duties, to keep the saints in a doubting state and to ensnare the differing ranks of men on the earth along with remedies for each and every device. 

As one of the main goals here is to get new people reading Thomas Brooks and the Puritans we will again give a greater chance of winning to anyone who refers someone else to the giveaway.  Enter simply by leaving a comment below or emailing meandbrooks@hotmail.com.  Make sure if you send someone here that they mention your name as you will get an extra entry for each referral.  Also, please include your email so I can contact you if you win.  I’ll give you a full week to enter so the contest will close next Tuesday (October 25) at 9:00 am (Atlantic Time).

This contest is worldwide so enter from anywhere.  Good luck all!



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8 responses to “October Book Giveaway (“Precious Remedies”)

  1. I have had a look at Brooks…I’ll be reading it after I finish the Psalms (William Swan Plumer)…Anyone with logos 4 or otherwise interested in a copy let me know

  2. Please include me in this contest. Thanks!!

  3. Posted the giveway on facebook. I hope others enjoy the fine work.

  4. Paul lee-Bentham

    Thanks! Hope I win!

  5. Love the Puritans. Count me in!

  6. Chris Nyland

    The Puritans are great, would love to win.

  7. Ken Davis

    This is my comment

  8. Mathew Green

    Thank you!

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